Verkline Aluminium Rear Differential / Crossmember Carrier – Audi B4 / B5


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Our Aluminium Rear Differential / Crossmember Carrier is strong enough to withstand extra power that the modified cars put on the drivetrain components to transfer the power to the wheels. We have seen numerus times OEM carrier to fail on high power cars. If you are drag racing or have upgraded your car engine power significantly that this is must have component.

Works also with Audi B4 Quattro Sedan/Avant cars including Audi S2 and RS2. Thicker and stronger aluminium than in competitive products.  We use strongest 7075 aluminium available.

Works with our Rear Differential Carrier Mounts

– CNC Machined from Billet 7075 Aluminium
– Black Anodized to prevent corrosion

What’s Included:
– One rear differential carrier

– Audi B4 Quattro Sedan/Avant
– Audi S2 Sedan/Avant
– Audi RS2
– Audi B5 A4 Quattro
– Audi B5 S4
– Audi B5 RS4

8D0 599 285 / 8D0599285

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