TA Technix -Viair hardness adjustable airride VW Golf I – Golf I Cabriolet – Jetta I – Scirocco I and II



TA Technix hardness adjustable air suspension kit

TA Technix air management system for air suspension / airride

380er Viair compressor
11,5 liters / 3 gallons – chrome tank
Viair dual-needle indicator, colour black
6mm PU hose, 25m, colour black
hose cutter
4 pcs. 2/2-way valve, 1/4 inch
warning buzzer and LED
opener and closer of pressure switch
electronic set with 3 switches, spade connector, cable, cable zip tie and relay
all Fittings, incl. check valve and safety valve
2 pcs. emergency ventilation valves
safety valve
water separator
leak detection spray
silicone spray
thread sealant

fits for:
Volkswagen Golf I incl. Cabriolet, type 17 / 155, year 1974 – 1993
Volkswagen Jetta I , type 16, year 1979 – 1984
Volkswagen Scirocco I, type 53, year 1974 – 1981
Volkswagen Scirocco II, type 53B, year 1981 – 1992

maximum front axle load: 785kg
maximum rear axle load: 640kg

Please select option for black or polished air tank!

Our air suspension kits are generally equipped with about 1-4 cm long spring travel limiter to be registered without any problems. For show purposes, but NOT PERMITTED ON PUBLIC ROADS (in Germany), the air suspension can be adjusted significantly lower without the limiter

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Weight 45 kg