TA Technix-Viair hardness adjustable airride fits for Mercedes Benz S-Class W126 Sedan-C126 Coupe



TA Technix hardness adjustable air suspension kit

TA Technix air management system for air suspension / airride

380er Viair compressor
11,5 liters / 3 gallons – chrome tank
Viair dual-needle indicator, colour black
6mm PU hose, 25m, colour black
hose cutter
4 pcs. 2/2-way valve, 1/4 inch
warning buzzer and LED
opener and closer of pressure switch
electronic set with 3 switches, spade connector, cable, cable zip tie and relay
all Fittings, including check valve and safety valve
2 pcs. emergency ventilation valves
safety valve
water separator
leak detection spray
silicone spray
thread sealant

fits for:
Mercedes Benz
S-Class Sedan type W126
S-Classs Coupe type C126
excl. model with level adjustment
year 1979 – 1991

maximum front axle load: 1105kg
maximum rear axle load: 1185kg

Additional information

Weight 55 kg