TA Technix air management system with TA Technix 444C compressor – 11,5 liters – 3 gallons – chrome tank – hose black



TA Technix Air-Management for air suspension / Airride including air generation kit

The multifunction display is operated intuitively using a freely positionable rotary knob / potentiometer.
The electronic, pressure-based control unit has the option of storing 4 freely configurable bellows pressures / ride heights for each axle.

With the help of the enclosed operating instructions and the simple menu navigation, the following additional functions can be used:

– 4 driving heights
– Adjustment of the ride height with the ignition on and off (auto level)
– Exceeding the bellows pressures can be adjusted for each axle for optimal adjustment of the ride height
– Protection against unauthorized use (allows the system to be locked at the desired driving height within 3 seconds)
– maximum and minimum tank pressure (adjustable)
– Protection of the on-board network by definable upper and lower limits for the on-board voltage
– freely configurable valve times
– Change of the control unit lighting / ECU lighting
– Minimum pressure on the front and rear axles (if the pressure falls below this, an optical warning signal is triggered and is necessary for TÜV registration)

– multifunction display
– Rotary knob / potentiometer including 4 caps in black, red, blue and silver
– anti-reflective film
– Assembled wiring harness
– Control unit / ECU
– 3 update cables
TA Technix 444C compressor in chrome
– 11.5 liter chrome tank
– Electronics set including compressor relay
– Fuse holder including fuse
– 4x 2/2 way valves 1/4 with pressure sensors
– 25 meters of 6mm PU hose in black
– all fittings including check valve and safety valve
– water separator
– Emergency filling valves


Additional information

Weight 45,28 kg