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For cars which will be trailered to the track, lots of them have struggles to get strapped down nicely. Don’t want to damage your outer lip or the wheels are tucked in the funder to much, so there is no clearance. Most carst, the lower control arms are not ideal. In the case of an emergency, the tow guys might run a strap right on the lip of your rim, potentially ruining the finish. We have a solution to tie down your car. These rear shock tie down adapters make it a snap to locate and secure your vehicle to get transported safely.

These kit is sold as a pair of 2, enough to do the rear of your car (left and right). Comes with a barrel zinc plated coating. This is a bit rougher then normal coating, but has a stronger hold, even when the strap hooks is attached many times.

The bolt hole is 12mm, so M12 bolts fit in!

Mounting instructions:

– Check if your car has a complete coil on the rear or if the spring and shock are separate.

Full Coil:

– Jack up your car and place it on jack stands

– Remove the rear wheels

– Place the jack stand underneath the wheel hub so there is no tension on the shock absorber, or place it under the shock absorber mount if there is room

– Remove the shock absorber bolt

– Place the bolt back on, but with the tie down kit. Aim it to the rear down side

– When the bolt is torqued, remove the jack, fit the wheel and remove the jack stand!

Separate spring/shock setup:

– Drive the rear of the car on a higher place (1 side on a curbstone, planks etc)

– Remove the shock absorber bolt

– Place it back on with the tie down kit

– Muscle up or jack up the shock absorber

– Torque the bolt back in. Aim the tie down kit to the rear down side

– Get your car back on the surface and you’re done!

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