Nuke Performance Collector for 1x Bosch 044 and 1x Nuke Fuel Filter Slim



To effectively as possibly accommodate all functions of a developed fuel system setup without compromising quality or performance.

Our Fuel Log is developed to handle dual fuel pumps, dual Nuke Performance fuel filters or in combination with one fuel filter and one fuel pump. Designed to work perfectly with our Universal Bracket. Makes a solution you can rely on in any situation.

100% E85 Proof
Combines two units into one fuel line
Lightweight motorsports fuel log
AN-8 fittings included
Made in Sweden
For Bosch 044 fuel pumps and more

Available for several setups:
NP-100-10-202 : Collector for 2x Bosch 044 style Fuel Pump
NP-100-10-204 : Collector for 1x Bosch 044 and 1x Nuke Fuel Filter Slim
NP-100-10-203 : Collector for 2x TiA Walbro GSL392 Fuel Pump
NP-100-10-205 : Collector for 1x TiA Walbro GSL392 and 1x Nuke Fuel Filter Slim
NP-100-10-206 : Collector for 2x Nuke Fuel Filter Slim

Make sure to choose setup when ordering!

The 4 port solution also gives you the ability to make any setup you may possibly need. The two main inlet ports located on the long side are delivered with our unique brackets that make sure all connection will be reliable even when an accident would occur. Choose between the different setups to accommodate the parts you want to combine into one fuel line.

Delivered with everything you need included
Delivered with 1x AN-8 (3/4 UNF) AN-8 Male fitting and 1 AN-8 (3/4 UNF) Plug, and all the necessary adapters for the selected setup. These fuel log collectors are a perfect addition to use with our Fuel Surge Tank kits. AN-6 and AN-10 fittings are optional and sold as additional accessories.
AN-8 (3/4 UNF) to AN-6 Male Part # : NP-700-01-101
AN-8 (3/4 UNF) to AN-8 Male Part # : NP-700-01-102
AN-8 (3/4 UNF) to AN-10 Male Part # : NP-700-01-103

Safe for all type of fuels, and easy to get a perfect seal
Equipped with Viton o-rings and designed to stand up to the destructive properties of alcohol fuels, including methanol and ethanol. Thanks to a well-proven design that originates in Nuke Performance fuel rail injector seats, this avoids old fuel logs with trough bolts that are known to be close to impossible to get a perfect seal.

Perfect fit for the Nuke Performance Dual Universal Bracket
The fuel log has the same CC as the popular and extremely lightweight Nuke Performance Universal Dual Bracket, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time and every use. And if you want to use it with the Nuke Performance Slim Filters, do not forget to add the model adapted inserts for the bracket for a easy and direct mount.
Dual Universal Bracket Part # : NP-950-02-201
SIngle insert for Slim Fuel Filter Part # : NP-960-01-102

Developed in Sweden, guaranteeing the highest possible quality
The Fuel Log Collectors is developed, designed and manufactured by Nuke Performance for the highest possible quality and with the same hallmark as all the other parts in the lightweight motorsports range. There is no substitute for the quality of Nuke Performance!

Technical information :
• CNC manufactured from aluminum alloy 6063.
• Anodized for lasting performance and finish.
• Delivered with 1x 3/4 AN-8 and 1x 3/4 Plug.
• Comes with all adapters needed for chosen setup.
• Laserengraved.

Measurements :
Height : 36 mm
Width : 144 mm
Depth : 33 mm
Weight : 229 g

* All measurements including the supplied fittings.

Fuel log collector for use with Nuke Performance dual universal fuel filter / fuel pump bracket.

3/4 UNF

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg

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