Nuke Performance ATL Saver Cell 80 liter with Nuke Performance CFC Unit


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ATL Saver Cells is lightweight FIA FT3 -1999 approved fuel cells for all major racing and motorsports associations.
The well known Saver Cells, constructed from a unique, tough plastic alloy, in combination with the Nuke Performance CFC Unit – drop-in fuel pump hanger with integrated surge tank functionality. Safe and easy, this is a “all in one” solution.

FIA FT3-1999 approved fuel cell
Available in several sizes, for all needs
Integrated 2 liter Fuel Surge Tank function
Full foam baffling for petrol and E85
Fits single or dual high-pressure fuel pumps

The ATL Saver Cells are suitable for use with carburettor based fuel systems and with the integrated CFC Unit from Nuke Performance, which eliminates the need for an external surge tank which is other needed when running a fuel cell, it is a perfect use for fuel injected systems. Our selection of saver cells come with yellow foam for petrol and E85.

Delivered with the Nuke Performance CFC Unit
The cells come delivered with the Nuke Performance CFC Unit as fill plate replacement. The CFC Unit is the perfect solution for a simplified high performing fuel system where safety is of uttermost importance. This setup eliminates the need for external surge tank, the only thing you need between the fuel cell and the engine is a fuel filter, just as in a stock fuel setup. This frees up space, weight and increases safety as fewer fuel line fittings are necessary for your fuel system.

Single or dual high-pressure fuel pumps within the cell
The ATL fuel cells are delivered with the Nuke Performance fill plate replacement unit with integrated Fuel Surge Tank function for a single or dual high-performance fuel pumps mount from Deatschwerks, Ti Automotive / Walbro, AEM, Bosch, Fuelab etc. Ready to deliver steady fuel flow for demands anywhere between 300-1400 horsepower.

The CFC Unit utilizes a single or dual high-pressure fuel pump mounted into a billet bracket within the integrated 2 liter surge tank. The fuel pumps are then combined into a single AN-10 outlet.
Fuel Pump Setup : Learn more about fuel pump setup
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The lift pump ensures fuel within the surge tank
The single fuel pump mounted in the fuel cell functions as a lift pump that ensures that the high-pressure fuel pumps within the over-sized surge tank, always have enough fuel to maximize the fuel flow without the risk of starvation that seriously can harm your engine.

Full foam baffling in affordable FIA approved fuel cell
The ATL saver cells is FIA FT3-1999 approved for all major motorsports worldwide, but if used within FIA or FT3 motorsports it must be cased in the aluminum container. When placing an order, select if you want to add the container to your order. Not recommended to build your own container without consulting ATL as any sizing issues may invalidate the warranty.
ATL Container 30 liter Part #: NP-150-SA-AA-041
ATL Container 40 liter Part #: NP-150-SA-AA-051
ATL Container 45 liter Part #: NP-150-SA-AA-061
ATL Container 60 liter Part #: NP-150-SA-AA-071
ATL Container 80 liter Part #: NP-150-SA-AA-101

Modification needed before installation
Some modification to the cell needs to be performed prior to installation of the Nuke Performance CFC Unit into an ATL Saver Cells. This does not affect the FIA FT3 approvement as it is carried out within the limits of what the regulations prescribe. This operation can be executed by us on request, contact us to see if it will affect delivery time.

For petrol use (yellow foam), E85 proof, but not for storage. No fuel pumps included. ATL Saver Cell SA-AA-104.

Outlet 7/8 UNF, Inlet 3/4 UNF, Vent 3/4 UNF

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