ECU Master Wheelspeed to CAN module EMU Stand-Alone ECU Management



Reading and processing wheel speed data is a common porblem in modern racing cars. Most modern ABS systems use active magnetoresistive sensors and any attempts to “tap” into those signals can create errors in an ABS system.
To help our customers we designed the ultimate solution – the wheel speed to CAN module. This compact device reads wheel speed sensors and sends them via a CANBUS to other devices like dashboards, dataloggers and ECUs.
Most importantly, the signal from the sensors is not disrupted and retains the full functionality of the anti lock brake system.
The module also can be used as an expansion module if a direct connection of all 4 wheel speed sensors to the ECU (not enough inputs) is not possible.

Detailed user manual can be downloaded here.

Key features:

Supports up to 4 magnetoresistive/VR/Hall sensors
CAN 2.0B, fully customizable messages and data format
Free firmware upgrades
Configurable via CANBUS

Optional wiring loom consisting of 4x Shielded 2 Core wire for wheel speed sensors 2m in length each, power and ground connections, CANBUS connection and D Type connector for communications with a USB to CAN.

Download links:

Wheelspeed Sensor Manual

Thermal Camera Manual

Switchboard Manual

Power Managemant Unit Manual

VQ35DE Plug and Play module pinout

VQ35DE Plug and Play module external connector pinout

MINI R53 Plug and Play ECU

MINI R53 Plug and Play Manual

Keypad Buttons

EMU Setup Install File

EMU Classic Pinout

EMU Classic MUX wiring diagram

EMU Black Info File

EMU ADU Display Manual

DL1 Datalogger Manual

VQ35 Basemap

VQ35 Basemap 2

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm