ECU Master Vanos Adaptor Module Dual Vanos EMU Stand-Alone ECU Management



This is our dual vanos module, this little box of tricks allows you to run the bmw dual vanos with your EMU or any other ecu for that matter without having to make any internal modifications to your vanos solenoids, like removing diode’s etc.
The perfect solution for anyone wanting to run stand alone on there BMW dual vanos engine with minimal fuss.

Especially useful for S54 swaps into older chassis in conjunction with our S54 loom.

Download links:

Wheelspeed Sensor Manual

Thermal Camera Manual

Switchboard Manual

Power Managemant Unit Manual

VQ35DE Plug and Play module pinout

VQ35DE Plug and Play module external connector pinout

MINI R53 Plug and Play ECU

MINI R53 Plug and Play Manual

Keypad Buttons

EMU Setup Install File

EMU Classic Pinout

EMU Classic MUX wiring diagram

EMU Black Info File

EMU ADU Display Manual

DL1 Datalogger Manual

VQ35 Basemap

VQ35 Basemap 2

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm