ECU Master Plug and Play module Toyota Supra 2JZ VVTi EMU BLACK EMU Stand-Alone ECU Management



This Plug-And-Play module gives you the abbility to connect the ECU-Master EMU BLACK directly on your original engine loom.

Engine: 2JZ VVTi

For example in the Toyota Supra

For years we’ve received requests for a VVTi 2JZ Plug and Play adapter, and it’s finally here. Non-VVTi motors are harder and harder to find, and the benefits of VVTi are now widely known, so we created a plug and play adapter to make your VVTi 2JZ installation even easier. This adapter does NOT support the Toyota BEAN network (used for gauge cluster and HVAC in models like the IS300/GS300), so this adapter is primarily aimed at customers swapping VVTi engines into other chassis. Support was not added for the stock sequential turbo system, so if you wish to retain the OEM turbos then they’ll need to be converted to true twin operation. This adapter supports the factory drive by wire throttle, and the Mass Airflow sensor is no longer needed. An air temperature sensor should be added. Factory camshaft and crankshaft sensors are supported, along with the factory coolant temperature sensor, throttle body, and more.

Download links:

Wheelspeed Sensor Manual

Thermal Camera Manual

Switchboard Manual

Power Managemant Unit Manual

VQ35DE Plug and Play module pinout

VQ35DE Plug and Play module external connector pinout

MINI R53 Plug and Play ECU

MINI R53 Plug and Play Manual

Keypad Buttons

EMU Setup Install File

EMU Classic Pinout

EMU Classic MUX wiring diagram

EMU Black Info File

EMU ADU Display Manual

DL1 Datalogger Manual

VQ35 Basemap

VQ35 Basemap 2

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm

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