ECU Master Digital ECU Tuner 3 EMU Stand-Alone ECU Management



The DIGITAL ECU TUNER 3 is a very popular piggyback tuning device across Europe. The DET3 is probably the most capable piggyback tuning device for its size. The DET3 is incredibly versatile, user friendly and powerful.

For most applications, the DET3 allows for the removal of an airflow meter, can drive up to 4 injectors in batch fire and Ignition timing can be adjusted via 16×16 tables. The parametric output channels can be configured to control boost with the use of a boost control solenoid, nitrous activation, water or methanol injection control, etc. Launch control and map switching are also among the advanced features available to the end user. In “Fuel Implant” mode, the DET3 operates much like a standalone ECU, calculating fuel requirements based on RPM, IAT, CLT, TPS and even O2 feedback.

The key features
Easy to install and tune
Fuel Implant operation mode (fueling standalone)
Built in 250kPa or 400kPa MAP sensor
Works with gasoline and common rail diesel engines
Client software compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

Technical details:

four 16×16 side tables (fuel map,two PWM tables, ignition table),
8 Correctiontables 16×1,
2 independent switchable map sets ,
possibility modification of one analogue signal,
4 analogueinputs,
inbuilt Data Flash – possibility of logging without connected PC,
battery voltage monitoring ,
support of frequency output air flow meter (possibility of signal modification) 17Hz-4kHz,
support VR and Hall effect crank sensors together with ignition modules pulse. Device supportbothsingle ended and differential signals,
supports a lot of crank trigger patterns :60-2, 36-2, 36-1, Multitooth, Ignition Modules and more,
support of waste gate valve,
output for 4 saturated injectors (“full group”),
ON/OFF parametricoutput,
automatic conversion of MAP to MAF with the use of the learning algorithm,
launch control,
road dyno,
possibility individual calibration of each analogue sensors – device displayed values with correct units,
free firmware update – new crank trigger patterns and new functionality,
fuel Implant mode –possibility of drive injectors in standalone mode (batch fire),
USB communication no additional interface needed,
24 months warranty.

PC Requirements:

To properly work with the DET3 device following minimum is required.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Screen resolution of at least 1024×768 16bit
CPU with a clock of at least 600MHz,
USB port.

What is in the box

Digital Ecu Tuner 3 device,
USB AA lead,
set of terminals,
CD with softwarenecessary drivers and user manual,
set of resistors and diode which may be useful during installation.

Download links:

Wheelspeed Sensor Manual

Thermal Camera Manual

Switchboard Manual

Power Managemant Unit Manual

VQ35DE Plug and Play module pinout

VQ35DE Plug and Play module external connector pinout

MINI R53 Plug and Play ECU

MINI R53 Plug and Play Manual

Keypad Buttons

EMU Setup Install File

EMU Classic Pinout

EMU Classic MUX wiring diagram

EMU Black Info File

EMU ADU Display Manual

DL1 Datalogger Manual

VQ35 Basemap

VQ35 Basemap 2

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm