ECU Master CAN switchboard for steering V3 EMU Stand-Alone ECU Management



A CAN switch board is a tiny device to allow easy transfer of up to 8 switch states and 8 analog signals over the CAN bus. In addition to this, the device has 4 built-in low side outputs that can be activated with a CAN bus message. The main purpose of this board is to build custom steering wheel panels containing buttons, rotary switches and indicators.

The switchboard device is designed to work with EMU BLACK and PMU. It can also be used with any other devices with custom configurable CAN bus inputs.
Detailed user manual can be found here.

Key features

500 or 1000kbps, user selectable
different CAN ID and CAN frame structures can be selected,
only 25x25mm in size,
8 switch inputs (switched to ground)
8 analog inputs / rotary switch inputs, 0-5V, 10bits
4 low side outputs (0.5A, resistive and inductive loads)
6-22V power supply
+5V output for powering rotary switches, sensors and potentiometers
firmware upgrade over the CAN bus

Download links:

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MINI R53 Plug and Play ECU

MINI R53 Plug and Play Manual

Keypad Buttons

EMU Setup Install File

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EMU Classic MUX wiring diagram

EMU Black Info File

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DL1 Datalogger Manual

VQ35 Basemap

VQ35 Basemap 2

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm